Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wp problem

Invite Friends Invite friends on buddypress social network from MSN, gmail, facebokk and twitter. It can easily be added to a page using the code [invitefriends] or from BuddyPress Bar : MyAccount/Friends/Invite Friends

Version 0.8 | By Giovanni Caputo

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Plan : drupal porting of facebook connect

I am working on a drupal 7 site to help upload content to wikimedia :

I want to make it easy for people on facebook, to post pictures to wikimedia commons
and have a way to integrate drupal as a facebook app.

for things like wikipedia, openstreetmap etc.
Many people in the developing world use facebook as a primary means of communication
like in africa or the balkans they all are on facebook.
we can make it easy for them to contribute to wikipedia or osm via facebook.

The plan is to install the coder module to help port the fb connect to 7:

The facebook connect code is here :

Anyone want to help?